Why Epicurean Cutting Surfaces?


Epicurean® sets the standard for today's well-equipped kitchen with premier cutting surfaces and essential utensils. Since 2003, we have revolutionized the kitchenware market by developing an array of wood-based products that range from dishwasher-safe cutting boards to stylish food preparation tools and advanced kitchen storage solutions.

Our signature material is made with multiple layers of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood fibers, compressed with a food-safe resin. We also have introduced a line of Eco Plastic products that utilizes 100% post-consumer recycled milk jugs. All of our products are made in the USA.

Environmentally friendly and durable materials, innovative designs, and superb craftsmanship ensure they will last through years of rigorous daily kitchen use!

From Skate Parks to Cutting Boards


What do skateboarders and foodies have in common? They're both cutting it up on the same durable material. In 2003, Epicurean® was founded by custom skate park manufacturer TrueRide® as a way to repurpose excess skating surface material generated during manufacturing.

The founders of TrueRide® knew that similar material was being used in commercial kitchens, so creating a line of home food preparation surfaces from the scrap was as natural as, well, skating on it. TrueRide® outdoor skate parks take excessive abuse from both weather and skaters. Rest assured, your Epicurean® cutting surfaces and utensils can ride out the most rigorous challenges you can dish up!


Cutting board materials Epicurean® Wood Fiber Materials - Epicurean® cutting surfaces are fabricated using eco friendly materials that gain their natural look and texture from organic content. Each color represents a unique blend of wood fibers, layered together and pressed with a food-safe resin to form a sheet that has unequaled food preparation properties. While different colored Epicurean® cutting surfaces have slightly different features based on their fiber blends, all are dishwasher safe and built to last.

Cutting boards made from recycled milk jugs Epicurean® Eco Plastic - Bring some color and design into your kitchen with Epicurean® Eco Plastic products. Made from 100% post-consumer high density polyethylene (primarily recycled milk jugs), these products are bold, bright, and beautiful - inside and out. Every pound of Eco Plastic repurposes an estimated eight milk jugs, saving natural resources and reducing landfill waste.



Epicurean® cutting surfaces stand up to the daily rigors of any busy kitchen. They are designed to resist staining and offer maintenance-free convenience - no need to oil or bleach! Although these surfaces are stain resistant, they might stain if left in contact with highly alkaline products or foods for prolonged amounts of time. For example, liver, papayas, and red beets might leave marks. Use a non-abrasive household cleaner to remove stubborn stains. All cutting surfaces can be cleaned in the dishwasher or in the sink with hot soapy water. Read more.



Eco InitiativesAt Epicurean®, we understand the relationship between the products we manufacture and the environment in which we live.We are dedicated to creating long-lasting products using sustainable manufacturing practices and environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled paper, plastic, and FSC certified fiber.

Our manufacturing facility is founded on principles of efficient and responsible use of materials and has received multiple awards for its ethical business practices and architectural design. Each year, Epicurean® employees participate in a Tree Planting Day to help offset the manufacturing process.

You can be proud of your Epicurean® purchases. Theysend a strong consumer statement that you are committed to green products and sustainable business practices. Read more.



loll designsEpicurean® shares its design and manufacturing home with its sister company, Loll Designs. Founded on the same opportunities and principles as Epicurean®, Loll utilizes 100% recycled milk jugs to make durable, modern furniture, crafted especially for lollygagging. Loll outdoor furniture and accent pieces have been used in numerous green projects throughout the United States and can be purchased directly at lolldesigns.com.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Epicurean® cutting boards are exclusively manufactured in the United States of America.

Knife friendly

Knife Friendly

Cutting on Epicurean® cutting boards will not dull your knife so you will sharpen less.

FSC certified

FSC Certified®

Epicurean's Natural, Slate, & RC100 materials are all certified by the Rainforest Alliance to the Forest Stewardship Council® standard.

Heat resistant

Heat Resistant

Epicurean® wood fiber cutting boards are heat resistan up to 350°F / 176°C, so you can use the surface as a trivet without leaving a blemish. (Not microwave safe)
(should not be used as cookware)

NSF certified

NSF Certified

Certified by the National Sanitary Foundation®, you can be sure that your nonporous Epicurean® cutting board will be easy to clean and will not harbor bacteria.

Dishwasher safe

Dishwasher Safe

Unlike wood and bamboo cutting boards, Epicurean® cutting boards can be cleaned in the dishwasher.