Epicurean® Ambassadors are chefs and foodies who put our products to the test in both home and commercial settings. They help shape Epicurean® products and assess their performance in real-world culinary conditions. Once products get their seals of approval, you know you are buying quality tools for your own kitchen adventures.

Ambassadors include: Craig Bell, Royal Dahlstrom, Anna Maria Florio, Jon Liddel, Emily Luchetti, Marshall O’Brien, Michael Shannon, Pete Trusiak.

  Royal Dahlstrom

Royal Dahlstrom

Award-winning Chef and Creative Force, Chef (a Minneapolis-based catering company) Website: Chef Royal
"I started cooking out of necessity, making meals for my family when I was growing up. I discovered I loved food and cooking and got my first job in a professional kitchen when I was 15. I graduated from a local community college, but I mainly developed my skills in the apprentice tradition of European kitchens. I worked my way up the culinary ladder over the course of 24 years, honing my palate and progressing from dishwasher to prep cook, line cook, sous chef, pastry chef, and ultimately executive chef.

"I loved feeding people and working with great ingredients and a talented staff, but the hours necessary to keep a restaurant running were tough on my young family, so I decided to take a leap of faith and start my catering and personal chef business. My decision has led to opportunities I never envisioned, like local and national television appearances. I enjoy working one-on-one with my clients to provide them with unique, personalized events. Many of my clients are celebrating important events like an anniversary, a wedding, or a graduation. It is an honor to be part of their milestones.

"While I was thrilled to receive many awards during my career as a restaurant chef, none of those accolades is more rewarding than having a happy customer tell me that my food and the overall experience exceeded their expectations and added to their happy occasion. I have had to adapt from cooking in gleaming, state-of-the-art restaurant kitchens to turning out fabulous food in clients' home kitchens or using nothing more than a hot plate for a television shoot. I've learned to improvise when needed, never lose my cool, and rise to any challenge to provide a wonderful event.

"I'm lucky to earn a living doing something I love. As for my next chapter, we will continue to do local and national TV and radio, along with teaching cooking classes at a local cooking school. We also will continue to take our food on the road to wherever our next event might be." Back to Ambassadors