Eco Initiatives

SUSTAINABLE MANUFACTURING PRACTICES - All cutting surface material waste created during the manufacture of Epicurean® products is used to generate electricity at a local power plant. Epicurean® products are packaged with as little packaging material as necessary to safely get the product to your door. We use recycled cardboard boxes and recycled cardboard padding inside boxes. You are encouraged to recycle all packaging materials again. No water is used during our fabrication process. All point-of-purchase display fixtures are made with 100% recycled plastic.

SURFACE MATERIAL - Epicurean® cutting surfaces are classified green in large part because the raw material used is derived from renewable or recycled resources. Managed and sustainable forests, habitat conservation efforts, and prudent manufacturing practices are built into our products. During the saturation and drying process, more than 99% of the volatile organic compounds are incinerated. The heat from that incineration is recovered and used for the drying process to minimize thermal pollution. No hazardous waste is generated in the process.