2016 Employee BBQ

Brandon Cole, Epicurean’s Inventory/Production Controller (and BBQ guru) pulled an all-nighter to prepare a company BBQ on Thursday.

This is the third year in a row Brandon has showed his thanks and appreciation for, “their hard work throughout the year and the high expectations, tight deadlines, overtime to get things done, etc. put on everyone and what everyone has to deal with” in order to keep this company running smoothly.


Starting at 9:00pm Wednesday night, Brandon started smoking about 60 pounds of pork shoulder, in addition to smoked maple salmon, smoked bourbon beans, smoked chicken thighs, coleslaw and a smoked blueberry crumble. After 14 hours of low-and-slow cooking, the food was ready and about 60 Epicureans employees were treated to an amazing lunch.

pork4 pork3tastin smokey crumble1 salmon1 line1 eating2 flowers1 antlers

Scott Roby

Photographer and graphic designer for Epicurean. I really like cooking. But I like eating more.