What can I do if my Epicurean cutting surface warps?

We recommend that our cutting surfaces are stored on edge instead of flat when not in use.  If the cutting surface is stored flat, moisture (usually residual water left from washing in the sink or dishwasher) becomes trapped underneath and as the moisture tries to escape, it causes the board to warp.  Even the smallest amount of moisture can cause the board to warp.

Normally this can be corrected by “counter warping”.  You would wash your surface, leave a bit of moisture on the board and lay it on the opposite side for a day or so which will level out the warp.  With the Gripper boards you should remove the Grippers when you do this so the cutting surface is laying as flat as possible.

Will my Epicurean cutting surface stain?

Our cutting surfaces are stain resistant, they are not stain proof. Such things as oily foods, acidic foods, and highly pigmented foods can stain the board.

When I removed my label my Epicurean cutting surface is a different color.

Richlite, the material we use to make our cutting boards, is light sensitive and will patina over time. What you are noticing is like a tan line from the label. This overtime will start to even out as the board ages.  You can also try oiling the board, front and back, with a light mineral oil.  This normally evens out any discolorations.

Do Epicurean cutting surfaces contain BPA?

No, our cutting surfaces are BPA free.

*If you have any additional questions or concerns about your Epicurean cutting surface please let us know. You can use our CONTACT tab and we will be happy to assist!