Epicurean + Cup Board Pro

If you haven’t heard of the Young family, get ready for an inspiring story. On Shark Tank Season 10, the Young siblings pitched their patented cutting board design on behalf of their late father, a firefighter and loving home chef, who designed the product.

The Young siblings earned funding from all five sharks, with the profit from each shark’s portion donated directly to the FDNY Foundation, the official non-profit organization of the New York City Fire Department. The success was immediate. So much so, that the original Cup Board Pro was soon out of stock.

Shortly after the Shark Tank appearance, Williams Sonoma was contacted by the Sharks. After reviewing the product, Williams Sonoma immediately connected with us in hopes of transitioning away from the original product material – bamboo. Knowing our products are veterans in the kitchen that can stand up to anything, they knew our durable, paper composite material was the perfect match!

The new Cup Board Pro’s innovative design features a collapsible and removable silicone cup that sits off the edge of the counter, catching liquid or food scraps. The cutting board includes four non-slip button feet, a perimeter juice groove and three channel wells leading to the cup. Don’t worry about dulling your knives, trapping bacteria, or absorbing unwanted flavors and odors. No matter what you’re slicing or dicing, the Cup Board Pro makes it quicker and easier than ever.

Want to know even more? Check out our complete manufacturing, branding, and assembling processes in the video below or head on over to Williams Sonoma to get your very own Cup Board Pro! 

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Anna Wolf

Graphic Designer + Production Artist