Epicurean+ Chef Ace Champion

We at Epicurean are excited about the work our friend Ace Champion is doing! Ace is bringing his own style to his new show, The Chef Champion Show. Ace brings a light hearted commentary and southern style to his show and makes it fun to learn not only delicious recipes but also knife skills.

Chef Champion is a native of the great food state of Louisiana specializing in Cajun/Creole but has a wide range of culinary cuisine like Jamaican Cuisine, Sushi, Italian, French and more. Champion loves to infuse cultures giving people a taste out of this world. He has over 20 years of culinary experience ranging from Certified Meat Cutter, Visionary Motivational Speaker, Executive Chef, Event Coordinator and Personal Chef to Cooking Class Instructor and Author of the book “8 Steps to Your Perfect Meal.

Checkout a couple of the videos below and view more at:




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