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We at Epicurean are excited to introduce you to Chef Brendan McDermott. Brendan is a chef and knife skills instructor by day, but by night he is a skilled bladesmith. Brendan hand forges knives that are literally hand made by a chef, for a chef. On top of that, we got Brendan a few pieces of the Richlite material we use for our cutting boards to scale his knife handles and the results are an amazing one of a kind work of art. Brendan works with his business partner Chris Mayor, who teaches at Fire Arts of Chicago and has been forging blades for almost a decade. They work together to provide old world hammer and anvil craftsmanship for one of kind pieces. No two knives are the exact same. Brendan and Chris begin with an idea and hone each blade freehand for its intended purpose.
If you are interested in purchasing a knife, checkout Ravenswood Hand Forged
Also checkout Brendan’s knife skill and technique classes on Craftsy
Handles shown in Natural, Slate, and Nutmeg colors. Just like Epicurean boards.
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 ravenswood-2377Shown in Slate handle

Shown in Slate handle
Shown in Natural handle
Shown in Nutmeg handle
Shown in Natural Handle

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