Epicurean + Erik Sather

Lowry Hill Meats is not your run-of-the-mill meat shop, and Erik Sather is not your average butcher.

Walk through the doors and you could think you’ve travelled back in time to a bygone era; roasts and steaks are cut to order, the sausages are fresh, the butcher knows all there is to know about every cut in the case, and you can spend hours just shooting the breeze with the people behind the counter.

This is exactly the way Erik wants it to be. He grew up in a small town and can remember going to the butcher shop for meat. His shop aims to recreate that kind of feeling and experience.

Lowry Hill Meats is an environment that honors and embraces one-on-one, face-to-face relationships. Erik knows all the farmers and producers who supply him with his meats, cheeses, and fermented goods. He can call them anytime and he’s visited the farms. He knows their stories and shares those stories with his customers. You can come in the back door, have a seat for lunch, and go home with dinner. If you’re not sure what to get, Erik will guide you to the perfect cut and he’s genuinely interested in how you’ll cook it. He’ll make you feel like an old friend as soon as you walk in the doors.

Before taking on his role as butcher, Erik worked as a chef. His experience cooking influences the way he cuts meat. The knowledge of how each muscle cooks, how each cut looks on a plate, and how it all tastes gives him an advantage over other butchers. He isn’t cutting to maximize his yield; he’s cutting to give you the best experience you can get.

If you want to learn a little more, watch our interview with Erik and check out Lowry Hill Meats site:

Scott Roby

Photographer and graphic designer for Epicurean. I really like cooking. But I like eating more.