Grandma’s Marathon

Step, step, step, breathe. Step, step, step, breathe. Mile after mile. In race training, the cadence of running beats in every stride: preparing, progressing and performing.

When I first started running I ran in an old cotton t-shirt, an older pair of shorts (that were likely my brother’s at one point in time) and a pair of running shoes that didn’t quite fit. The desire to gear up with high-performing products – with aging and a stable income assisting in my reshaped view – deepened my appreciation for functionality, durability and good design. Now before I purchase I look for quality and performance.

Training doesn’t start and end on the pavement. There’s the fueling, refueling and recharging that happens in your kitchen prior to and after each run or race and (really) every day of the year. Like the high-quality running shoes I now put miles on week after week and the super-tech/breathable/fashionable clothing I’ve slowly acquired, there’s a standard of performance to be found in your kitchen as well. The cadence of your step is not unlike the cadence of a kitchen routine; every. single. day. there are breakfasts to make, lunches to prepare and dinners to provide.

Epicurean’s got the tools to fuel your step with quality kitchen products that were designed to perform. Let Epicurean be part of your every day of the year race prep because it’s not just about one day and one race…right?

Anna Wolf

Graphic Designer + Production Artist