Puzzle Board : With Chef Ben Thoen

Executive Chef Ben Thoen has his hands full juggling five restaurants around Duluth, MN. He has to worry about food quality, staffing, budgeting, time management, and his guests’ experiences at each location. He chooses the Epicurean Puzzle Boards for all of his restaurants because they address each of his concerns, letting him focus his attention on other pressing matters.

The boards are non-porous so they don’t hold onto bacteria, minimizing food safety worries. Custom sizing of the boards let him fit a puzzle board onto any cooler or prep station he has. The durable Richlite will last a lifetime, so replacement costs are not a concern. Cleanup time is minimal because each station is broken down and sent through the dishwasher at the end of every night. Many of the cooks and chefs in Ben’s kitchen own and use their own knives at work. Because Richlite is easy on knives, the cooks and chefs spend less time sharpening their knives. Less time sharpening means more time on the line. At his Tavern on the Hill location guests can watch the action in the open kitchen, so Ben needs the prep surfaces to look great for his customers. These boards are stain resistant and will look their best for ages.  And Ben likes that his puzzle boards come from a business close to home, helping him support local companies. 

Chef Ben chooses Epicurean products because they help him keep his restaurants operating at their best.

Epicurean offers Stock Puzzle Board options, As well as Custom Puzzle Board options.

Jesse Michels